Preparing for 1st game

While waiting for v1.1 of the Gruntz rules I found some time to work on models and further ideas for a 1st game.

Introducing the inhabitants of Planet QDX, the Mabinogi race and there Trwyth units. Starting out as a primitive and peaceful race but, as humans discover soon, do adapt very easily to displays of aggression. Well sort off. The 1st game will mostly be focussed on getting used to the mechanics of Gruntz, a long overdue task of mine. So the idea is to start simple and land a drone on the surface, do some discovery and have an expeditionary force on the way after that.

For the first game I will be using Lhurgg from Khurasan, known as Trwyth on this planet. I find them having a rather angry and primitive look and feel and, they are slightly bigger then 15 mm, are a perfect match for the perkz I intend to give them to balance for their primitive fighting style. Here is a shot of some WIP on them -

And a unit stats I'm considering to use -

Trwyth early infantry card subject to change.
I'll be using a GZG model for the drones that will do the initial exploring on the planet surface. In addition some terrain featuers I'm working on below. Not sure I master working with green stuff yet and I have some difficulty drybrushing flat surfaces but both were a good practice. Here is a shot -

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