Blog entry - Stardate 13 March 3050

Cold. The solitude of deep space were friends becomes such a hollow word. . But then again ... what else can you expect? Mom warned me for that, could she be right?

This mission was noble and one for peace. It boosted our morale when we mustered this ship but since then we have drifted from our course. Or ... should I say it collided with us, left broken in the confines of our minds.

We've gone through so much and we thought we learned but commercial interests is the driver and prevails over peace once again. Mom, did we learn from what they educated us?

Once we were forced to cooperate and find in peace our way to prosperity. It reminds me of Planet QDX, perhaps I should remind them as well.

We devistated the planet, brought it close to the end when we discovered the Cairn and the Horgr. The portals to the world of the Mabinogi and their subs ... is what that has opened our eyes. Mesmerizing memories of a golden age.

I have access to the history and the tale of Planet QDX. I can ... I have to remind them once more but there is much work to be done and little time left before the board meeting tomorrow. I'll have to tell them, they have to know.

Signing out - Bob Slade, pre-senior culturalist, functionality Commonwealth Navy, Steiner cluster.

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